The Best HRA Account Management Solution For Your Employees

As healthcare and insurance costs skyrocket, you must constantly be on the lookout for healthcare options that help contain costs and focus on wellness. Streamline HR offers a flexible, easy-to-use Health Reimbursement Account solution that offers attractive, cost-saving benefits.

Streamline HR offers an industry leading healthcare platform that offers an easy-to-use, secure self-service portal for both employer and employees.

With an available prepaid debit MasterCard, your employees have access to their benefits at their fingertips. We also offer a best-in-class mobile application that is free for employees to download.

Manage HRA contributions, schedules and reimbursement rules within the app and allow for tiered contributions (individual, individual + spouse, etc.), custom contribution schedules, and individual/member maximums.

Choose from 15 basic HRA plan designs, such as:

  • HRA with individual/family deductible
  • HRAs with co-payments for specific expense types
  • HRAs with percentage based payouts
  • HRAs with embedded deductible amounts

Streamline HR Benny MasterCard©

Streamline HR’s MasterCard’s Proven Substantiation /Compliance Process Auto Substantiation (A-S) is the use of electronic means to verify the benefit eligibility of card transactions.

Since the IRS requires that 100% of HRA transactions be substantiated, a high A-S rate is the single biggest success factor for any benefit card program.

We deliver an 85 – 95% overall auto substantiation rate to our clients – the highest in the business – decreasing paperwork and increasing participant satisfaction.

Secure Online Access For An Efficient Employer Experience

The Streamline HR Employer Portal is a HIPAA-compliant, user-rights based live interface that empowers HR staff with secure access to everything you need such as reports, employee data, and automatically generated alerts, notifications, and statements. Features include:

  • User-defined access to reports and notifications, as well as employee-specific data on the Employer Portal, can be assigned by user, allowing you to limit access by division or business function.
  • Employer self-service capabilities, based on user rights, including:
    • Employee Management: Online lookup helps you respond to employees’ questions and issues.
    • Enrollment and Eligibility Management: Enroll, update enrollment, and change employees’ employment status via the interface.
    • Robust, Flexible, Reporting: Automatically scheduled as well as on-demand reports at your fingertips, to run in PDF, Excel, or a data file with various report parameter options.

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